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Swadhistana (Sanskrit for sweetness) - The second chakra

The second chakra, Swadhistana, is located about 10 centimeters below the navel and about 3 centimeters above the first chakra.

Where the first chakra stands for a solid foundation, the second chakra stands for movement. The element of the sacral chakra is water and without the foundation of the first chakra it all flows away, or with too much grip from the Wortelcharkra, this chakra does not flow. The second chakra tries to help us feel at home in our body, to feel our inner child and to learn to deal with our own feelings and those of others. Feelings of guilt and humiliation are placed in this chakra and it is important to let go of the past and to accept the present.

A balanced sacral chakra ensures that our creative potential is fully expressed. We will be self-confident, have self-respect, are vital and have a lively and positive attraction to other people.

If the sacral chakra is not in balance, we can be controlled by strong emotions, have fear of sex or sexual addiction, have lack of passion or desires or have a lot of (sexual) drives and lust, less need for social contacts and fear of change.

The constellations Cancer, Libra and Scorpio are associated with the sacral chakra. Furthermore, the second chakra is linked to the color orange, the moon and as an animal to the crocodile.

Precious stones connected to the second chakra are: